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The word "Rice Water" is often reminiscent of washed rice water, roasted rice water, barley water, or even porridge water. The culture of eating porridge has been around for a long time as there has been "Steaming rice for rice, cooking rice for porridge" since the Yellow Emperor era.

The ancients believed: "Porridge and rice are the best replenishing foods in the world." Whether it is for after-care or health care, the benefits of this seemingly simple diet are indescribable.

"Rice Water" is the wisdom of TCM for health preservation. It can invigorate the spleen and stomach, consolidate and protect the Middle Energizer, strengthen the Healthy Qi, and consolidate the foundation for health preservation. The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the acquired constitution and the source of Qi and Blood generation. They located at the center of the five viscera organs and act as the viscera organ of the middle-earth, "The function of viscera organs are based on the strength of the vitality of the middle-earth. So, it is difficult to recover from illness once the stomach is defeated".

养胃米水 Rice water


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