欢聚 Reunion
欢聚 Reunion

欢聚 Reunion

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360° 贺卡,承载 360 度全方位的 「 问候 」 & 「 温暖 」



无论是平淡的日常或是喜庆的佳节,用朴实的方式,让对方透过 Good Life 360 自制的独特精美卡片搭配文字接收书写者的真心与问候。


360° Greeting Card, carrying 360-degree of "Greeting" & "Warmth"

The process of writing allows us to harvest alternative excitement and reminiscence of alternative memories.
Picking up a pen on a beautiful card and writing down the words in your thoughts and the feelings of thoughts will surely arouse the resonance of the past, or the longing for the future, enhance the relationship and convey warmth.

Whether it's ordinary daily life or festive seasons, in a simple way, let him/her receive the writer's sincerity and greetings through the unique and exquisite cards made by Good Life 360 with text.


贺卡详情 Greeting Card Details

标题 Title 欢聚 Reunion
尺寸 Size 16 cm (w) x 11 cm (h)
材质 Material  260 gsm 
内含 Included 1 sheet
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